Creative Industry x Startups in Singapore

Andy D&AD

After years of experience working with startups, tech focused companies and meeting numerous founders, one of our founders, Andy, was asked to share his knowledge with other agencies in a workshop for D&AD.

In a first for D&AD in Singapore, Andy led a 1 day masterclass on the opportunities, watch-outs and challenges of working with leaders of the next generation of brands and businesses.

Andy and D&AD partnered with Muru-D for the event to deliver a mix of research, first hand experience and interactive sessions including live Q&A and problem solving with a founder and original Muru-D member.

The key takeouts from the day? As a creative industry we have a lot to learn from working with startups

  • the importance of the principles of product market fit, and the discipline of constant learning
  • key metrics for startups are 'paying customers' they very rarely include the words 'brand awareness'
  • many startups have inbuilt creativity - necessary for survival and solving unforeseen problems

And perhaps, most importantly, understanding that for years we've been working with clients who are often bigger than us. But now, in this world, we're bigger than our clients. It's time for a change of mindset.

D&AD Workshop

D&AD Workshop