Foreign exchange has been stuck in the dark ages for too long. At the mercy of the big banks, we're often overcharged and underserved by an opaque system that runs on their leisurely schedule. Enter FlashFx: a start-up with the credibility and disruptive tech to shake things up. By using Ripple — a secure payment protocol — to handle the transfers, FlashFX makes sending money overseas faster, easier and less costly. Our challenge was twofold: create a brand position and expression to take FlashFx from invisible start-up to trusted service provider, and clarify their offering so new audiences could understand it.

We set about creating a brand that would humanise the process, with a simple system that could empower even uninitiated users with the control over their transfers that they’ve always been denied. The conversational and direct messaging completely eliminates the assumed knowledge and opaque jargon endemic in the foreign currency transfer space. Colour provides consistency around important information and actions, iconography aides explanation of the otherwise complex processes, and illustration helps users link currency to location at a glance. Now, it’s simple: you’re the sender. You pick a receiver. Flash. It’s sent.


Branding, Identity, Digital