The Mohawk Show honours the impact of the graphic design industry and the important role that print design plays in our culture. It is a truth universally acknowledged that you WILL always leave award entries until the last minute. So that's why we created the Life, Awards and Inspiration Reminder Service - to deliver freshly baked reminders to call your mum, get that rash checked and to enter the Mohawk Show.

The identity focuses on the reminder service, using the folded corner of a page as the key graphic, combined with a series of playful reminders. The three types of reminders - Awards, Being a Good Human and Print Inspiration - are delivered in your choice of tone (friendly and encouraging or passive agressive) on a daily, weekly or last minute basis. With a total of 1500 carefully written messages to greet you each morning in your mobile or desktop inbox, there’s really no excuse not to have entered, and gracefully accept your prize as an awesome, humble and positive person. Web wizardry by Zann St Pierre


Identity, Digital, Campaign


AGDA Awards 2015 - 3 x Distinctions
NZ Best Awards 2016 - 1 x Silver
New York Type Directors Club 2015 - Certificate of Typographic Excellence