1 year in and we're still working it out

We recently turned one. Which seems as good a reason as any to look back on our first 12 months at For The People.

(This review of the year lives on Medium, but you can read a taster below).

Slackbot tells me we’re now 14 people. Which is surprising, because I’ve been telling everyone recently that we’re an agency of 12. Xero tells me we’ve worked with 38 different clients. We’ve used Trello, Evernote, Slack, Float and heaps of Post-it Notes and still feel a lot less organised than we probably should be. We ‘live’ in a house that can probably fit 20 people, but that’s already starting to feel crowded  —  and we have to stay in it for another 18 months. We managed to buy thousands of dollars of European furniture for literally hundreds. We have a dog, who just recently had a rather bad belly… but on the whole is great to have around. 

We’ve been to Melbourne, Hobart and soon the Blue Mountains on trips away. We’ve played team Dungeons & Dragons. We’ve debated the merits of Halo, and the deficiencies of Xbox’s UX. We’ve fell in and out of love with cafes, sugar and cider. 

We have an awesome team. At times it can feel a bit too male (which is something to address), but the diversity of interests, skill-sets and opinions means that coming to work is never dull. We have Experience and Digital Designers, Graphic and Motion Designers, Engineers (although one of them recently called himself a ‘Creative Technologist’), a Storyteller, a Podcast Editor and a Marketer.

It means that at any one point in time we may be described as Product Designers, Brand Consultants, Digital Consultants, PR Consultants, Storytellers, Go-To-Market Strategists. 

The story about the blind man and the elephant seems to fit with our situation perfectly. 

This means we’re still working it out. And I think we’re completely okay with that. We’ve worked out far more in the last 12 months than we had this time last year.

To read more about what we've worked out and what we still have left to solve, you can find the full post here on Medium.