Damian Talks Dinosaurs And Unicorns At Vivid Ideas


A few months ago, we formally launched in Sydney at Vivid Ideas. Our event, The Startup Revolution, challenged people to break with tradition and the need to defend what you have. At For The People, we're fascinated, inspired and lucky enough to work with a number of great startups, in both Australia and overseas. It's these businesses and leaders that have thrown out the dusty old textbooks and have started writing their own rule books for how the world should work.

But, are the dinosaurs destined for extinction? And do unicorns really exist?

First off the blocks was our Co-Founder Damian Borchok, setting the tone with the upcoming fight between dinosaurs, unicorns and how technology and people are disrupting the way we do business.

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Damian Borchok On Dinosaurs vs Unicorns at Vivid Ideas in Sydney, 2015