Challenges For The Creative Industry - Jason & Andy At The Design Conference By Analogue Digital

Earlier in the year, Andy and Jason were asked to keynote The Design Conference by Analogue Digital at the Powerhouse in Brisbane. Matt Haynes (mastermind of the conference) asked us to tell the story of For The People and why we started the company.

After a brief personal history, we set out to summarise some of the forces facing businesses today. Things like the ongoing debate about people vs technology and how 47% of our roles will be replaced by robots in 2020. And our own take on the technology revolution (that you can't have it until you have a people one first).

In our industry, we're very much aware of how the overarching dynamics are forcing the change (that's why we set-up after all). The move to more contemporary, adaptive business models, having skin in the game and creating environments that people want to be a part of, for reasons beyond getting paid. 

We finished with some of our own forays into making the change. Putting our money where our mouth is and creating new ways of working with clients - and a shameless plug for 'By The People' – our podcast documenting every step of our own start-up journey.

If you get the chance to go to The Design Conference by Analogue Digital in the future - take it. It is definitely one of the best conferences we've ever been to. 

Photographer: Callie Marshall 

Photographer: Callie Marshall