The Perth International Arts Festival is the longest running international arts festival in Australia, and Western Australia’s premier cultural event. Yet in recent years, the festival’s relevance, audience numbers and earnings had begun to decline significantly. Our task? Challenge internal thinking about how to bring the festival to market, as well as boldly reset audience expectations.


‘Things are different over here' was a common refrain we heard while in Perth. The new identity takes its inspiration from this difference, and the place itself. Perth’s sunsets are legendary - seeing the sun set over the water, at the edge of the earth, brings out colours that could only be experienced there. It’s the last place in Australia that the sun touches. The Festival invites people to see art in a different light.

Our principles for the festival experience were based on light, colour, and place. For someone to experience a festival that was grounded in what we called 'Perthness', they needed to experience its light, colour, and place. That meant highlighting the colour and light in Western Australia after the sun goes down and before the curtain goes up, celebrating the flora that thrive in the incredibly biodiverse region, and helping people navigate art in a laid-back, down to earth way.

Because the festival program is a major driver of ticket sales, writing clearly to give audiences a clear idea of the experience they'll have at the Perth Festival was critical. Understanding this need, we developed a tone of voice that was modelled on the idea of a Western Australian tour guide - someone who was laid back, straight up, and easy to understand. The role for the brand and the tone of voice is to help people navigate Western Australia, and art, in a way that's true to the place and people of Western Australia.


Campaign, Identity, Advertising