Theatres in Australia face numerous challenges in 2017. Dwindling audiences, a reduction in government funding, and finding relevance with a younger demographic who are otherwise pre-occupied with less costly, more immediate forms of entertainment. These challenges didn’t escape Queensland Theatre, the state's flagship professional theatre company. With the advent of a new art director and new direction came the opportunity to readdress how the theatre engages with old and new audiences. Over the years their communications had fallen into disarray, and therefore awareness and recognition of the great work they were doing was lacking. Queensland Theatre needed to take back ownership of its productions, and break down the barriers to theatre for the general public in order to cultivate a new generation of theatre goers.

The new identity strives to connect with new and old audiences through simplicity, brand recognition and the use of relevant facts, opinions and the translation of theatre speak to something more accessible. We developed a new wordmark and typeface – the letterforms drawing inspiration from surrounding historical signage, the brightness and contrast of the Queensland Sun, and the long angular shadows that it creates. This results in letterforms with a dimensional physicality. Used in a compositional structure of masthead and base block, powerful imagery, playful typographic expressions and provocative/engaging language live in-between. Theatre is communication. Ideas presented and considered and dissected. It's an open conversation. With a new found dialogue that pervades every interaction and experience with the theatre, Queensland aims to bring that back. .


Branding, Identity, Digital