Social Soup is a research agency with a difference – they help brands tap into the natural inclination of people to share stuff they like with friends. With a community of over 150,000 connected, everyday influencers, Soup gets the right people using, testing and talking about brands and their products, all while delivering back live insights. So along with the free stuff, people can contribute to changing and improving products and services before launching. Solution The new Identity for Social Soup comes alive with the abundant personalities of its community. Through colour and a rich library of expressions, accessories and decorations, the Social alphabet is a friendly filter that gives genuine personality to any piece of communication. From signing up, to the package delivery and the final feedback loop, the Social Soup community are engaged. Playful language, personal avatar creation, a plethora of light-hearted communications and a variety of products to test, keep people talking, recommending, and coming back for more. Who said research was boring?