Streamtime is a project management tool for the creative industry. If you have clients, manage jobs and have a team providing a service (to said clients), then Streamtime could be for you. But, in a world where there seems to be a new project management software business popping up almost everyday, how can a 14 year old business like Streamtime compete? We needed to make some big shifts in the product experience, redesigning the UX and UI, and build a brand worth interacting with every day.

Welcome to the new Streamtime. Where workflow and time management are simpler and more intuitive. Where to-do lists are the new timesheets. The new identity builds on the new foundation of the product, the to-do list, and uses the colour blocks to create a series of visual and verbal stories relating to the product benefits. We revitalised the interface, site and communications to fit with the more human-centric core of the product – anchored by a character that helps the user navigate the experience, and a tone of voice that understands that we’re as human at work as we are at home. Streamtime


Branding, Identity, Digital


D&AD 2017 - Wood Pencil (Branding)
AGDA Awards 2016 - 1 x Distinction
NZ Best Awards 2016 - 2 x Silver