For The People’s Next Chapter: Branding from the Bottom of The World

FTP x Tas

We started For The People five years ago wanting to rethink how a studio could approach design and branding. Our intent was to shake things up for ourselves and the industries we work in, and it’s in this spirit that we’ve spent the last 5 years refining our approach, building relationships and growing our team.

Through this time, For The People has become a more human organisation, building brands with a dual purpose of not just economic, but also social impact. We’ve become wholly focussed on creating purposeful work, collaborating with businesses to understand their people and engage with their communities.

Over the years we’ve partnered with some incredible companies and organisations like Hire-up, Queensland Theatre, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, Streamtime and Sydney Film Festival. Our focus on place branding has also grown significantly through work with clients like City of Sydney, the Snowy Valleys, and the West Coast of Tasmania. We’ve also worked with several universities to offer students deeper insight into the creative industries. It’s this work - and these clients - that saw us named in the 10 best design studios in the world in D&AD’s 2019 global rankings – an achievement we don’t take lightly.

When we’ve discussed what the next 5 years might look like, the question has always centred around the idea of scaling the studio, and how we can approach this in a uniquely FTP way. We have opted against the large consultancy buy-outs, that have become the norm in Australia. We’ve slowed our aspiration for growth in favour of autonomy, and we’ve built out our team with people who can take us into a new chapter. All this, while making sure we approached scale with the same spirit of shaking up expectations and putting people at the heart of our process.

To enable the next stage of growth, we are opening a new office in Launceston, Tasmania, headed up by our very own husband & wife duo, Creative Director Jo Roca, and Co-Founder/ECD Jason Little, with the full backing of our Sydney team.

We have also joined “New Creative” - a new and growing collective of companies based in Tasmania with a global vision to develop solutions that impact creatives, and a hyper-local mandate to support the emergence of Tasmania as the home of creativity and design in Australia. This includes education, infrastructure, technology and in our case, design.

With this we’re looking forward to building a strong relationship with local creative school, Foundry - now our sister company. Foundry is an innovative and industry-led alternative to traditional university and vocational education, and also part of the New Creative family.

The move is in-line with our ambitions, to focus on building brands which serve a dual economic and social purpose. We’ll be working as part of this collective to reshape what it means to be a creative as we concurrently work with clients to reshape what great creative looks and feels like.

Our team has spent so much time in Tasmania over the last few years that it just makes sense that the next stage of the FTP journey is to open an office here. We’re excited by the opportunities to work with new local Tasmanian clients, at the same time as working for national and global clients from our new office. We can’t wait to get involved in the local industry, hire promising up and coming talent, and find ways to work together to elevate and empower Tasmania’s creative scene to win bigger and better work. We know from our experience that you don’t need to be in Sydney, New York, or London anymore to compete on the world stage.

Jason & Damian