The journey to get to university is an incredibly stressful time of for final year students. Which one do I go to? What do my parents and friends think? What if I don’t get in? What course should I do? Where are my friends going? The weight on students shoulders is blown way out of proportion as they make what seems like the one decision that will define the rest of their lives. It’s a lot to figure out when you’re 17 and juggling the stress of final year exams. There is also a lack of information and clarity around the implications of their decisions. Yikes.

Situated an hour South of Sydney, The University of Wollongong (UoW) may not be sandstone university, however it is known for its great coastal lifestyle offering, flexible courses and foray into innovative research. UOW consistently among the highest ranked universities for student satisfaction in Australia.

Admissions drive universities, and every year they all compete to attract the best students. It also doesn’t help that most universities are saying the same thing – ‘You could get a job at Google!, 'Become the next Young Australian of the Year!’, 'The world is your oyster!’. There are lofty dreams, and then there’s making it through this tricky decision with some sanity in tact. UOW saw an opportunity to buck the trend, and instead speak to directly to school leavers in order to help them navigate this critical time of their life. By acknowledging the true realities and current pressures students face, and speaking directly to the truths that are thought but go unsaid, UOW beloved it could engage students on their terms. Working closely with the UoW team, the 2018 campaign worked across outdoor, digital and social communications, culminating in some very real, unscripted TVC spots that captured what real students are thinking.


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